Ser Feliz, é uma Decisão?

quinta-feira, abril 19, 2007

Essencia Cinética / Fasciaterapia Dias 21 e 22 de Abril

Boa tarde....

Ultima chamada para o workshop que se vai realizar este fim de semana na Associação.

Só há duas vagas disponíveis.

Sorrisos e mais informação segue-se já aqui.

Essencia Cinetica/ Fasciaterapia/Method Danis Bois
com Howard Sonenklar.

Learn the tools to help yourself in your quest for better health, body-mind balance, self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Discover this ground-breaking therapeutic approach which takes into consideration the link between the physical and the psychological dimension of the person.

The Danis Bois Method combines touch (Fasciatherapy-Somatology) and movement (Sensorial Training) to free the inner movement with the conscious participation of the person.

The applications of this method are numerous, ranging from the relief of physical pain and tensions, to the resolution of psychological difficulties and support in a personal transformation process.
In this workshop you will be introduced to the following practices.
A hands on therapy (Fasciatherapy-Somatology) : which reaches the depth of the body to relieve pain, release tension and restore the body's vitality and capacity to self-heal ;

A movement practice (Sensorial training) : to help you deal with daily tension and transform your body into a sensitive partner for expression, creativity and experiential learning ;
A meditation practice (Sensorial introspection) : to connect in stillness with the movement within and experience a strong sense of self and profound feeling of wholeness.
This workshop is suited to those looking for a way to self-heal and to acquire tools to help them in their personal and spiritual path.

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